Let's repower more wind

Octopus Energy Generation will refurbish up to 1,000 of the UK’s older wind turbines by the end of the decade. Working with turbine manufacturer EWT, we’ll kit seasoned turbines out with the latest technology to give them the power to produce 2-3x more green energy.

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Want us to upgrade your turbine?

If you have a sub-1MW wind turbine project over seven years old then we want to hear from you. We’re identifying older generations of wind turbines that we can upgrade and boost the amount of energy the turbine can generate. And we’re currently looking to buy existing projects to do just that.

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We can also support your local area to get their power straight from the repowered turbine.

Through our Octopus Fan Club, once we have repowered the wind turbine, we aim to sell all of the energy it can generate to local people at a discounted rate when the turbine is spinning.

Let us know if you are interested in speaking with us

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Quick and simple process

What's in it for me?

We will conduct some feasibility studies on your wind turbine to see whether we would be able to repower it - this is completely free of charge and there is no obligation to move forward with the repowering should you decide not to.Once we have the more detailed study we will then work on offering you a ‘buy out price’ to purchase the turbine from you. If you also own the land the turbine is situated on we would also work in a land rental price for you.


The typical time it takes from starting work on repowering your turbine to the blades turning on the new wind turbine is approximately 1 1/2 years.

Next steps

The next steps are a cost-free feasibility study to assess the repowering potential of your turbine site. If you are interested in this proposition, then please register your interest here, to discuss this opportunity to repower your project.


As part of the feasibility study, we work through the best options for repowering your wind turbine - once we have the information needed for this including previous turbine performance and other metrics we will then provide you with a ‘buy out price’ to purchase the turbine from you. If you also own the land the turbine is situated on we would also work in an annual land rental agreement.

No, not always. While sometimes it may make sense to, in other scenarios you can repower wind turbines without making them taller. Ultimately, it’s about making them more powerful so they can generate more cheap green power.

There are lots of different ways in which turbines can be repowered, for example through replacing with newer models, improving its technology and these wouldn’t involve height increases necessarily. What works best depends on the specific site.

Replacing a well-performing turbine could allow you to double or triple the energy that will be produced. It also allows you to have a new turbine that will operate for at least 25 years.

Yes, you do need planning. However, we will take care of that, and in case replanning isn’t possible, we bear all the costs and consequences.

Not necessarily, if we replace your old turbine with a turbine with the same capacity, we shouldn’t have to change or update your grid connection. In any cases, like planning, we will take care of that, at our own risk.

No, we will have to change the transformer because the new turbine has its own electrical specifications.

No, we will have to change the foundation because every turbine has to have a different foundation design. Also, we want the turbine to be operating for at least 25 years, so this requires a new foundation.

If the turbine is in a good state, we will try to give it a second life by refurbishing it. If it’s not possible, we will have to recycle it. Currently, all the parts except the blade are fully recyclable.