An illustration of hills with homes, wind turbines, solar panels and trees
An illustration of hills with homes, wind turbines, solar panels and trees

Forging the path to a cheaper, greener energy future

Octopus Energy is on a mission to disrupt the renewable energy generation space, with consumers in mind. From producing our own green electrons which power households at discount rates through the Fan Club to creating new models for investment, our innovation team thrives on rethinking the status quo.

The world is on the cusp of a renewable energy revolution. But to accelerate the switch to renewable energy and a Net Zero future, we need to think differently, move quickly and engage everyone in the green generation story.

At Octopus Energy, we’re known for using tech to make energy greener, fairer and genuinely better for everyone around the world. Our innovation team brings this agile, people-centric mindset to generation. By constantly questioning and creating new products both internally and in partnership with customers, we’re reshaping how green energy is generated and consumed, with people coming first.

Octopus Fan Club logo
The Fan Club

Welcome to the Fan Club: the first energy tariff to give customers the benefits of local renewable energy production in real-time.

We believe the greenest electron should also be the cheapest electron, but the current energy system isn’t set up to truly enable this at scale.

Through our technology, the Fan Club offers customers cheaper electricity when the wind blows from their nearest turbine, creating a tangible link between where electricity is generated and how it is consumed.

The Octopus Fan Club is operated by Octopus Energy Group and is not a regulated financial services product, service, investment or activity.

Plots for Kilowatts

Countries across the world are facing ever growing challenges when it comes to decarbonisation and Net Zero emissions. But each community within those countries is unique, with its own requirements and concerns for its energy future.

By working in partnership with communities and local landowners through our Plots for Kilowatts initiative, we’re able to map community demand for renewable energy projects and the willingness of landowners to host projects to meet that demand, and then to work with both to bring those projects to life.

Our mascot Constantine fitting larger blades to a wind turbine

We’re finding ways to produce as many green electrons as possible to help the UK ditch gas for good.

Our latest plan has the potential to create enough new power for hundreds of thousands of homes a year, without having to start a single new turbine project from scratch...

Octopus Energy Generation will refurbish up to 1,000 of the UK’s older wind turbines by the end of the decade.

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Work being done by our Innovation team

A wind turbine against a colourful sky backdrop
Octopus Energy invites landowners to host wind turbines

Octopus Energy Generation today launches ‘Plots for Kilowatts’ as it calls on landowners to register interest in hosting an onshore wind turbine, with Octopus matching this up with community demand.

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A close-up of a wind turbine in the sky with workers applying the Octopus Energy logo to the stem
Our wind turbine antics, explained

We want to show everyone that having green generation in your neighbourhood is a genuinely good thing. Not just good for the planet at large, but for your own community: bringing cheaper energy as well as local jobs, education, and countless other benefits.

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A wind turbine photographed from its base, with the Octopus Energy logo visible
Our global mission is getting a US$300 million injection

We’ve spent the last five years pioneering technology that allows people to benefit from cheaper energy as it gets greener. This new partnership will help us drive the same transformation along the entire energy value chain.

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