Octopus Fan Club logo over an illustration of houses and hills around a wind turbine
Octopus Fan Club logo over an illustration of houses and hills around a wind turbine

Welcome to the Octopus Fan Club

Local green energy. From turbines to your home.

Octopus Energy’s Fan Club is driving access to cheaper, greener ‘people-led’ renewable energy across the UK. We believe that renewables should be brought closer to the consumer and that people living alongside generation projects should enjoy cheaper electricity when their local turbine is spinning. So in 2021, we launched the first energy club to give customers the benefit of local renewable energy production in real-time.

This new generation model will create the investable projects of the future - reshaping the generation market and renewable investment for the benefit of both people and the planet.

Join Us

When you join Octopus Fan Club you get

A stationary wind turbine100%renewable electricity from your local Fan!
A slowly rotating wind turbine20%off your unit rate whenever your turbine is spinning and you're using electricity
A rapidly rotating wind turbine50%off your unit rate when the wind picks up and the green electrons are really flowing

How it works

With Octopus Fan Club, you'll get 100% renewable electricity at the same great price as any other Octopus tariffs - but with a twist.

Any electricity you use while your local turbine is spinning automatically benefits from a 20% discount.

Even better, when the wind picks up and the green electrons really start flowing, you’ll get 50% off every unit you use.

See your estimated discount online in realtime, and forecasted turbine power outputs to help plan your day.

Check out our Terms and Conditions here.

The Octopus Fan Club is operated by Octopus Energy Group and is not a regulated financial services product, service, investment or activity.

Find your local Octopus Fan Club

A wind turbine
Fan #1

Market Weighton, Yorkshire

50% off electricity at winds above a fresh breeze. (200kW)

Available to: Customers in YO43 postcodes

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A wind turbine
Fan #2

Caerphilly, Wales

50% off electricity at winds above a strong breeze (300kW)

Available to: Customers in CF81 and NP24 postcodes

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Fan #3

Halifax, Yorkshire

50% off electricity at winds above a strong breeze (1500kW)

Available to: Customers in HX2, BD13 and BD22 postcodes

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Fan #4

Lincs Offshore, Lincolnshire

50% off electricity when generation is at it's highest (3350kW)

Available to: Customers in DN31, DN32, DN33, DN34, DN35, DN36, LN11, LN12, LN13, PE24 & PE25 postcodes

Want to join Octopus Fan Club?

Want the Fan Club in your area?

We can't wait to bring Fan Club projects to every community that wants them but, for now, it's only available to Octopus customers who live near current Fan Club turbines. If you’d like to see the Octopus Fan Club launch in your area, add your details to the waiting list.

Community & Blogs

Our Fan Club communities

Community really is at the heart of the Octopus Fan Club.

Since 2021, the Fan Club team have hosted and attended several community events in Fan Club areas. We also love to visit local schools and run exclusive Fan Club competitions and incentives. From delivering renewable energy workshops to climbing to the very top of a Fan Club turbine - Fan Club keeps communities at its core.

You can read all about our community events on our Community Page. Or, for a more general overview of Fan Club, you can visit our Blog Page.

Wales Community Event
#2 Fan, Caerphilly

Take a look at when we screened Wales' first football world cup match in 64 years!

Halifax Charity Gala
#3 Fan, Halifax

Take a look at when Constantine and the Fan Club team took over the Halifax Charity Gala!

But don't just take our word for it...

Check out what our members have been saying!

“I think the Fan Club is a brilliant idea. Not only does it make me think about how and when I use energy but it is also helping in the battle with climate change and saving me money as well, win win all round.”

“I'm really impressed with Octopus and how they are helping our local community save money . It has helped me feel closer to the turbine and understand how they work.”

“At first, I was sceptical about the savings I could make. I was staggered when the savings were credited to my account. I now keep my eye on the fan club regularly and try to use my washer and dryer.”


All Octopus electricity tariffs are 100% green, backed by Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin ‘REGO’ certificates. These certificates ensure that every electron of energy we buy is an electron that has come from a renewable source, yet we are not actually generating the energy ourselves.

Through the years, we’ve also worked with fantastic green generators to buy their power, from the smallest dedicated community energy projects to large scale solar farms capable of powering hundreds of thousands of homes.

By investing in the Fan Club turbines, we cut the supply chain, forging deep connections between our customers and the green energy that powers them.

The electricity market in the UK is settled each half hour, meaning every day there are 48 settlement periods. By matching your consumption with the generation of your local Fan, we are able to calculate your savings based on how and when you are using electricity in your home.

Your discount is then applied as a credit to your energy account each month.

To join Octopus Fan Club, you'll need a SMETS2 or Secure-branded SMETS1 smart meter that we can receive half-hourly consumption data from (this is so we can compare your data to the half-hourly generation data from the turbine to calculate your discounts!).

If you don't already have a suitable smart meter, then let us know and we can install one for you at no extra cost.

Unfortunately, the Octopus Fan Club does not work alongside smart tariffs, as it is in itself a smart product. This means that in order to join the Octopus Fan Club, you will need to be on a standard fixed or flexible tariff. If at any point you would like to switch to a smart tariff, that's no problem at all, but you will no longer have access to Octopus Fan Club benefits.

We're taking a crucial step towards redesigning a smart energy system and empowering our customers to shift their electricity use away from peak times. We want to be able to give customers more information about their energy use through smart metering and peak and off-peak pricing.

Even when the fans aren't spinning on a very still, calm summer's day, we can use our smart tech to harness when they do spin and capture this energy so that people's homes and businesses can eventually be optimised to automatically use the greenest electricity at the best times.

Turbines usually start turning in light winds, from about 3 metres per second. That’s around 6 miles per hour - the speed of a gentle jog! Additionally, there is only a limited number of hours throughout the year that you'll find the fans sitting still.

We work closely with the communities the Fan Club turbines are turning in. Through educating local school children on renewable energy, investing in local community funds, or powering local homes and businesses.

If you are interested in hearing more, get in touch at octopusfanclub@octopus.energy.

The average wind speed in some areas is higher than in others, which means that they are not the same between the Fan Clubs. To make sure all our Fan Club customers are getting the same level of discounts, we had to establish different thresholds for the 50% discounts, allowing all of the communities an equal opportunity for maximum savings!

The Octopus Fan Club is operated by Octopus Energy Group and is not a regulated financial services product, service, investment or activity.

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