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We're passionate about driving positive change and making a meaningful impact.

Working with our investors, the renewable energy projects we manage are helping to tackle climate change by speeding up the switch to green energy.

We manage 240 large renewable energy projects
The total portfolio capacity is 3GW. This is equivalent to 6,400GWh at maximum capacity
The renewable projects that we manage can power 2 million homes anually as well as nearly 4,500 small scale such as rooftop solar projects
1.9 million tonnes of CO2 avoided per year
The equivalent number of 1 million fossil-fuel powered cars removed from the road as a result of our green energy projects
Equvalent number of 9.3 million trees planted to offset the same amount of carbon emissions
1,600 football stadiums could be filled with the solar panels' surface area

There are so many ways of making a difference. Do you want to make an impact too?

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