Let's build more wind

Plots for kilowatts!

Help bring about the future of UK energy and security by telling us about where we can build a turbine on your land.

Onshore wind turbine in a field

The UK needs more onshore wind.

It's never been more important to end our reliance on imported gas and fossil fuels. For a clean, affordable and independent energy future the UK needs more renewables - and fast. And it needs your help.

Benefits for landowners.

  • An additional revenue stream, either through land rental payments or a share of the project's gross income
  • Champion and support your local community by providing them with cheaper energy bills: between 20% and 50% off energy costs whilst your turbines are generating
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Three people climbing a wind turbine

How do I get involved?

  • Register your interest above in 60 seconds
  • You'll shortly receive an email with more information, including on turbine development and the typical process in the UK
  • Show some love for onshore wind with your local MP - every voice counts! Find out how to best contact your MP.